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First time user set-up

User Invitation

When a new user is provisioned with a Manifest user license, a system-generated welcome email will be sent to the user email address. The welcome email includes the following information:

  • Domain: your unique client domain which should be entered with your login credentials when logging into any application
  • Manifest Web application URL: save this URL to access the Manifest Web application
  • Link to set-up your password: follow this link to create your user password. Your email + your created password are your user credentials for logging into any Manifest application

The email will also include information about what roles you were assigned by your Security Administrator and contact details for the administrators for your client domain.

Setting up User Personal Information

After created your password, you will be prompted to set-up your profile. Update your name, title, and a personal image for your avatar (if desired). You will also need to agree to the Taqtile, Ine. EULA.

View or Change User Personal Information

You can view or change any of your user personal information in Manifest Web application by selecting your avatar icon in the upper right-hand corner. Here you will be able to change your personal information, avatar, or change your password.

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