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Docker 2.4.3 – Migration Instructions for NEW Database Image

Version 2.4.3 of Manifest docker has a new database image.  It is recommended by all docker clients to update the old database with the new database image.  Instructions on how to complete this migration is included below.  Please follow these instructions.  


  • Running current docker version 2.4 or earlier
  • NEW License Key that needs to be obtained from your Account Manager
  • The below instructions that will give you step by step instructions to migrate to db image 11
  • Reference docker instruction if needed

How to Migrate to New Database Image

  1. Run cmd as an Administrator
  2. Change current directory to c:/manifest by typing command: cd c:/manifest
  3. Check that the Manifest containers are up and running by entering command: docker container ls  
  1. Create a dump of the old database. 
    • Enter the command: docker-compose exec -T dbpostgres pg_dumpall -U postgres > pgdump 

5. Check your current directory and a new file called ‘pgdump’ should appear. 

6. Enter command docker-compose down to stop all container

7. Set up new docker-compose file with new 2.4.3 build. Update all variables and enter in NEW license key provided from your Account Manager.  

  1. Check your volumes and delete the manifest_postgres one.  (IMPT! This will delete all your Manifest data, check ‘pgdump’ file is still in your file.) 
    • Enter command docker volume ls 
    • Enter command docker volume rm [VOLUME_NAME] 
      • Example: docker volume rm 24_manifest_postgres 
  1. Start updated docker-compose file and find your database image. 
    • Enter command docker-compose pull 
    • Enter command docker-compose up –d 
    • Enter command docker container ls 
  1. Restore your database dump to this container (container_id’s first three letters is fine for the command below). 
    • Enter command docker exec -I [container_id] psql manifestmain -U manifest < pgdump 
    • Example: docker exec -i 04d psql manifestmain -U manifest < pgdump 
  1. Restart Manifest containers by entering in the following commands:  
    • Enter command: docker-compose down 
    • Enter command: docker-compose up –d 
  1. Congratulations! Manifest has successfully been upgraded! 

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