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Month: February 2022

Manifest Mobile for Android

With the release of Manifest Mobile for Android Taqtile continues to evolve support for mobile platforms and devices. Purpose built for mobile users, the Android application works on a familiar range of mobile devices that employees already know and use and provides all the Manifest capability required to help frontline workers complete a job or reach out to a remote expert for assistance. Android support provides Manifest users with more device options, specifically in the lower cost range The in initial release was optimized for a mobile phone and will evolve in the future to support more form factors.

Manifest 2.4 Overview

Manifest 3D application gets a significant update with the release of 2.4. We have incorporated customer feedback, addressed usability in a few important ways, and introduced some innovation to make managing and manipulating 3D models better.

Manifest 3D Application Voice Commands

About  The Manifest 3D Application includes a series of voice commands users can use to execute specific actions hands-free.  To use a voice command, simply say the command (as indicated) while using the application. Be sure to make your voice clear and audible. The command will only work if it’s relevant to the state of the application. For example, the …

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Guide to Create/Install a Certificate for iPad On-Prem (Docker)

Prerequisites On Windows, use GitBash which has openssl installed by default GitBash comes with Git for Windows which can be installed from Git for Windows Make sure you tick the GitBash option during installation which can be found in the start menu after installing Git for Windows Steps to set up a Custom SSL Certificate …

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Installing and configuring Manifest On-Prem Server using Linux

Create an Ubuntu Server – Linux VM in Azure Login to the Azure Portal at Create a new Virtual Machine Resource. By selecting Create –> Virtual Machine Set Virtual Machine Image to the latest Ubuntu Server Image. Also, set the region and VM size to the desired value. Set Inbound Port rules to allow …

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