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Manifest Security Overview

Our Manifest solution is hosted in world-class Microsoft Azure data centers to ensure the highest levels of security and availability. Benefits of Microsoft hosting services include physical security and access control, environmental controls, fire detection and suppression, power redundancy and a secure network architecture. More details are available at the Microsoft Trust Center.

Manifest Connect

Built on industry standard WebRTC server technology,
Manifest Connect enables real-time or asynchronous collaboration, communication, and remote guidance among frontline workers. Jobs are done faster and more accurately
when work can be share and coordinated across teams and
workers can get help from experts whenever and wherever they need it.

Manifest Choice Notes

Manifest empowers your experts to capture their expertise and create digital work instructions with augmented reality content that enables less experienced workers to complete jobs safer, faster, and more accurately. Workers are guided by step-by-step instructions, created by your experts, and typically accessed from an augmented reality headset or mobile device.

Manifest Mobile for Android

With the release of Manifest Mobile for Android Taqtile continues to evolve support for mobile platforms and devices. Purpose built for mobile users, the Android application works on a familiar range of mobile devices that employees already know and use and provides all the Manifest capability required to help frontline workers complete a job or reach out to a remote expert for assistance. Android support provides Manifest users with more device options, specifically in the lower cost range The in initial release was optimized for a mobile phone and will evolve in the future to support more form factors.

Manifest 2.4 Overview

Manifest 3D application gets a significant update with the release of 2.4. We have incorporated customer feedback, addressed usability in a few important ways, and introduced some innovation to make managing and manipulating 3D models better.