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Quick Start Pilot Pack

The Manifest Quick Start Pilot Pack is a managed onboarding program designed to help your team quickly create and use AR-enabled, guided work instructions specific to your equipment, procedures, and facilities. It is a comprehensive 12-week program to enable organizations to quickly deploy and effectively evaluate the Manifest solution.

Manifest Security Overview

Our Manifest solution is hosted in world-class Microsoft Azure data centers to ensure the highest levels of security and availability. Benefits of Microsoft hosting services include physical security and access control, environmental controls, fire detection and suppression, power redundancy and a secure network architecture. More details are available at the Microsoft Trust Center.

Manifest for DoD Operations

Taqtile’s!augmented- and mixed-reality software product,! Manifest,! fuses
data from four domains (service member, place, machine and procedure) to create digitally augmented operations!on the base
and in the field! for a!more! lethal! joint! force.! Manifest presents relevant data to service members as they execute tasks and
updates the sources of data in real-time with progress updates and sensor readings to maintain the single source of truth for the
artificial intelligence and related technologies required to evolve and adapt quicker than our adversaries.!

Digital Augmentation of Defense

Taqtile’s Manifest leverages AR, cloud computing, and LTE/5G networks to remove operational silos. With unprecedented integration, Manifest supports defense digital modernization strategy goals by augmenting operations on the base and in the field for a more lethal joint force. It does this by augmenting service member cognition, reducing cognitive stress, and capturing operations data in real-time. The platform aggregates critical elements of operational systems to do more with less… and do it better.

5G, Edge Computer, and Manifest

5G, the latest generation of wireless telecommunications connectivity, combined with Manifest’s step-by-step job instructions can provide speedy access to procedural guidance and instruction from the most remote or challenging environments.

Digitally Transforming Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing is currently being transformed by the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. Technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, analytics, internet of things (IoT), and 5G are enabling a connected ecosystem that is increasing automation, improving communication and monitoring, and enabling new levels of analysis and production. However, the growing complexity of operating and maintaining equipment and factories is increasing dramatically while the availability of experienced technicians who understand this equipment decreases and the skills gap of the workforce widens. Furthermore, for manufacturers of complex equipment and systems, supporting these systems can also be complicated and costly because of this complexity and the lack of experts.

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